11-a-side International Expat Tournament

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Date(s) - 06/05/2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Bon Bon Park Hotel and Spa - Boyana


4 team 11-a-side International Expat tournament including Sofia Nomads, Devo 58 Amsterdam (Pedro’s team), Yugo 57 Belgrade + one more guest team.
Venue will be Bon Bon Park Hotel and Spa in Boyana (drive towards Boyana on Blvd. Bulgaria and take a right after you pass under the ring road).
League format two pitches, each team plays 3 games x 40 minutes.
Nomads may have an A and B team, depending on registration.
Barbecue and beer at the pitch are included.

Yugo 57 Belgrade:
Yugo 57 Belgrade

Devo 58 Amsterdam:
Devo 58 Amsterdam


Total spaces : 30 Registered : 28 Attending :

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Bookings are closed for this event.

16 thoughts on “11-a-side International Expat Tournament

  1. I invited Ivan from Vambos to join us as a guest, he is No 21 after Kristiyan.
    Also Velizar the guy who runs Vambos and is helping organise the tournament will join at 22.
    Nomads will have two teams and both teams will play three games of 40 minutes, (total playing time 120 minute) so we will have maximum 14 players per team.
    We have two pithes, so we can play all games consecutively without long breaks in between.
    The pitches are grass and are really good quality, they are above the AstroTurf pitches at Tsarsko Selo.
    Please don’t pull your name off at the last minute, if you decide you can’t play, we need time to find other players.
    We have booked both pitches for 3 hours, which gives us time for warm up and a few minutes in between games, there will be refs and assistants for both games.
    The club will buy some beers for after the game.

  2. There is map and directions to changer of venue at top of this registration page.
    It’s basically at the far side of ring road at the end Boulevard Bulgaria.
    You go under the ring road and then turn right and it’s on the left of that street.

  3. Schedule at new changed venue for International Expat Tournament on Saturday May 6th: https://www.booking.com/hotel/bg/bon-bon-park-amp-spa-boyana.en-gb.html

    We will pick two equal squads for this tournament, please arrive at pitch no later that 13.30.
    if you can’t play, please don’t leave your name up till the last minute, as we need two 15 man squads.
    Everyone will play 2 games of 45 minutes, unless they need a rest.

    More details to follow.

    All games will be 40-45 minutes, there will be a small ammount of time after each game to switch pitches and get ready for next game….max 10 minute gap.

    Nomads 1 v Devo Amsterdam ((pitch 1)
    Nomads 2 v YUGO 55 (pitch 2)


    Yugo 55 v Devo Amsterdam (pitch 1)
    Nomads 1 v Nomads 2 (pitch 2)

    16.00 hrs.

    Nomads 1 v YUGO 55 (pitch1)
    Nomads 2 v DEVO Amsterdam (pitch 2)

  4. Hi everyone,

    Nick, thanks for taking care once again of whole organization!!!

    Let me just suggest to arrive at pitch around 13:00 h… I know some of our members and if you day 13:30 they are arriving 13:45 :). Nomads, I’m sorry if someone gets angry… but I’m trying to make it easier for Nick and all of us!!! Thanks


  5. So 29 registered up to Marten so far and I invited 3 guest players; Ivan, George (goalie friend of Sakis) and a guy called Maxi.
    Everyone in the 32 so far will play 90 minutes, as both squads play 3 x 45 minute games.
    Players are also sure to drop out, but two squads will be made on Thursday of next week when we know who’s playing.
    We will meet at 13.00……Ivo is correct, let’s respect the other teams who are travelling fro other countries to play!

  6. Guys, we will have two squads on Saturday…..Nomads 1 and Nomads A.
    Everyone will get plenty of playing time in both squads.
    Each team plays 3 games of 45 minutes.

    As per suggestion of Ivo, please show respect to the two travelling teams and arrive at the pitch (Bon Bon Spa Hotel) at no later than 13.00 hrs.

    Here is game times (both pitches are grass.)

    14.00 hrs:
    Nomads A v Devo Amsterdam (pitch 1)
    Nomads 1 v YUGO 55 Belgrade (pitch 2)

    15.00 hrs.
    Yugo 55 Belgrade v Devo Amsterdam (pitch 1)
    Nomads A v Nomads 1 (pitch 2)

    16.00 hrs.
    Nomads 1 v Devo Amsterdam (pitch1)
    Nomads A v YUGO 55 Belgrade (pitch 2)

    Nomads A coach will be Lennart, squad is below;

    Rumen GK, Svetlomir, Andon, Kinder, Carlos, Ivan, Melih, Alex, Lennart, Sergio,Yordan, Martin, Daniel, Stefan, Marten, Svetoslav, Drago.

    Nomads 1 coach will be Davie, squad below;

    George GK, Ben, Oli, Martin K, Ivo, Andy Nick, Luke, Seb, Paul W, Milcho, Kristian, Davie, Sakis, Sasho and Maxi.

    Nomads A will play in blue kit, I will bring Leo’s kits, but please bring your own Nomads dark blue shirts too.

    Nomads 1 will play in red, please bring your own shirts and kit.
    It might actually be a good idea if both teams bring red shirts, just in case.

    There will be referees and assistants on both pitches and there will be medals and a trophy for the winning team, plus for best player of tournament, (me) top goalscorer etc.
    A photographer will be in attendance throughout the event.

    If for any reason you are unable to play, please let us know by mid afternoon tomorrow latest, as other people are waiting.

  7. Still finding it hard to believe that Bon Bon isn’t the cheapest possible brothel around Luvov most.
    Anyway, just remembered that I don’t have gloves. So any spare gloves will be greatly appreciated 🙂

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