Club Meeting / General Assembly

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Date(s) - 15/01/2018
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

John Adam residence


It has been decided to hold a club meeting or general assembly on Monday the 15th January 2018.
The main items on the agenda is to elect key club officials (treasurer and moderators) and to discuss the need for other club roles (e.g. president, coach, kit manager).
Please also feel free to suggest other agenda items in the comments below on this page. It could be suggestions for how to improve the club, things we should discontinue or anything else relevant to the club and its members (not just you :)).
Judge Johnny has graciously decided to open his doors for us at:
157 Georgi S. Rakovski – floor 2 (buzzer says “John Adam”).


Total spaces : 50 Registered : 7 Attending :
  • John Adam
  • Daniel Klukowski
  • Julian Paul
  • Grigor
  • Oliver Wells
  • Misha
  • Adam Gee

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34 thoughts on “Club Meeting / General Assembly

  1. Hi All,
    Please register here to give us an approximate idea of numbers. Also, would be great if people could bring annual membership fees (40 lv.) on Monday, which we can pass over to the new treasurer who will hopefully be in place by the end.

    If you want to include an agenda item for discussion please post it here. We will NOT be discussing things that have not been posted here. In order to not go past 22:00 or 22:30 we’ll also have to discuss things briefly.

    We’ll set up some system in the next few days for nominating people for offices. Rough idea for now is someone should be nominated, or can also nominate themselves for a role. Those nominated by others for a role can of course decline to be considered for it if they would prefer not to be. We’ll then have a vote on nominees, with the nominee with the most votes being elected to that role for 2018.

    Venue is my apartment. I’ll put out a few plates of chips etc. but am not subsidising everyone’s beers so bring your own refreshments as per your requirements/heart’s desire. I’ll also ask you to take your own rubbish away with you as I don’t want a huge clean-up operation after. There is a balcony for smokers.

    My dog lives here so if you are allergic/afraid of Golden Retrievers or have any other dog-related issues you can Skype in. Shoes you can keep on if they are not muddy.

    Think that’s about it and hopefully see as many of you as possible Monday. There is plenty of space so numbers won’t be an issue.

    Alide Nomads! 🙂

  2. First things that come to my mind.
    – if the aim is to attract (even) younger and more members, a student discount and potential recruitment channels could be discussed
    – it might be nice to get one or two of the guys to the meeting who basically stopped playing (e.g. Stefcho) and give the chance to speak up in case sth bothered them
    – special events (e.g. charity tournament)

  3. Hey Julian,
    I actually raised the student discount question the other day as a suggestion in the moderators’ group. I’m personally for it and we can discuss Mon to see if others agree with the general principle. Special events – one potential office being considered is events/social coordinator. Reaching out to lapsed members to come along – would be a good idea. I’ll drop him a line.


  4. I won’t be in Sofia i’m afraid – I think it’s a good idea to do some Admin / House keeping, and ‘clear the air’ – letting the lapsed members speak is a good idea so we can move forwards in a more positive frame of mind for the new year. I like the idea in principle of attracting new younger players, but the thought of chasing them around the pitch isn’t pleasant personally 😉

    Oh and get a boat to play on if you want to be cool.
    Haide Nomads!

  5. If one of the aims is to attract more members please consider some people already struggle at getting into the side for a game of football. Where would you propose these new members play? Will we be increasing our matches per week to accommodate? We all know the summer months attract new members and generally this makes it harder for people to participate that have been doing so during the winter period!

  6. If we get more members, we need another pitch for weekly games, agree with Matt!

    Unfortunately, I have to go to Madrid on Monday so won’t be able to make it.

    Happy to continue as a moderator if the voting supports it.

    Halide Nomads!

  7. Matt raises a good point. I’d suggest maybe an additional much smaller pitch game during the week – 4/5 aside, might suit different players’ abilities.
    Not sure what’ll be gained from speaking to lapsed members, I’d suggest they’ve either moved away, moved on, I personally know quite a few who moved on to other sports as they got older to avoid risk of injury, or simply didn’t fit or feel comfortable with the ‘Nomad Culture’ of heavy piss taking/drinking. Personally, this is the bit of the Nomads I enjoy the most. (you’d have to, the football’s shite) 😉
    I’ll try and make Monday, but will confirm over the weekend.


  8. I think we need a list of all players and when they pay we tick the box we can let everyone who hasn’t paid know they owe the subs.
    Potential new members pay to join after first trial game as normal.
    I think it’s more important that we try and fill the Wednesday and Saturday games than start looking at another night to play, even if we have new members.
    When we had a Monday game, I was constantly chasing players week in week out, even though we were playing Brit Council and only needed 6 players. We are just gonna dilute numbers for the Wednesday and Saturday games otherwise.
    I can guarantee that whoever has to organise a third game will have a tough job, but up to the moderators, that’s just my thoughts on the matter.
    Do we really need a President?!
    Remember what happened to Abe Lincoln and JFK!
    My vote for moderators are Johnny, Daniel, Paul M, Paul W, as they are actively involved, anyone wanting to be a moderator should be helping out organising games etc. and not just commenting when it suits them.
    There are a few usual suspects that regularly forget they are playing and have to be reminded, but is it so hard to check the site a couple of times a week?
    Maybe also sort out a budget, so we buy a couple of decent quality balls once every two months.
    If people pay a fee to join, we need to provide some decent football’s. …I know it’s something I keep harping in about, but it’s not a sewing club.
    My vote for coach would be Artyom and or Andon, both of them play very regularly and would be fine in that role if we actually need a coach.
    I think a few more social nights would be good too, maybe a pool doubles tournament or watching the odd big European game.

  9. I suggest looking into a new badge. The one at the moment doesn’t represent anything to do with Sofia or the Nomads; it looks more like a generic MLS club logo. At least lash the Bulgarian colours on there somewhere.

  10. I’m with Kev & Matt in that I think if we’re gonna attract more members, we need to get another week game going (an official one as opposed to the breakaway team I keep hearing about) – I haven’t played in ages but from what I see, Wednesday’s is fully booked constantly, it’s not easy to get a game!… & a bit of FUTSAL wouldn’t be bad either, which would be indoors so rain/weather (last min work) shouldn’t be an issue!… & I get your point about Monday games, Nick, but the dying interest in that was also down to other reasons such as time, location, day, pitch, atmosphere, etc… & I also think more team/group things like outings, special events, etc would be good, over the last couple of years we seem to have become less of a team & more of a footy match sign up sheet…
    I’m aiming to make it tomorrow so hopefully see you there! Nice one for hosting, Johnny! 🙂

  11. Ok all, so hope to see as many of you as poss. tonight. As far as I can see, points for discussion/decision are:
    Elect 5-7 moderators
    Elect/conscript treasurer
    Agree to tazer Nick next time he mentions buying more f*****g balls
    Discuss the need/preference for any other roles that there is debate around ie. coach, president, social secretary
    Discuss 3rd game. Here, as I keep saying, the biggest issue is someone(s) being willing to take responsibility.
    New logo need/preference
    Student discount to membership fee
    Discussion of club rules/implementation
    Anything else I’ve forgotten, people want to add?

  12. I want to nominate @Judge Johnny and Grigor as a President and Vice President of the club.
    I want to be discussed the same question like Danny about annual fees and what happens with members who didn’t pay? It would be good to play only those who paid their annual fees.
    Maybe it would be good to be discussed again number of the players for Saturday games 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7 only in cases when in the list have more than 14 players.

  13. As I will not be able to make it later:
    1. Happy to put myself forward to continue as a moderator
    2. My votes for other moderators (suggest everyone submits 7 votes?): John, Daniel, Julian, Seb, Andon, Nick, Assen
    3. If there is to be a president, I think it should be someone who already commits the most time organising things. So, John and Nick 1/2 a vote each
    4. I think we need someone responsible for kit and equipment
    5. Agree on above points regarding 3rd game required if we increase membership
    Halide Nomads

  14. I won’t make tonight fellas, I’m still in the grips of grip. (Fucking, nearly 2 weeks now and I can’t shift it!)
    I support the majority on all matters as I find it hard to think for myself, unless someone mentions getting a new kit, then throw that person off a balcony in my name please.

  15. My attendance is only 50/50 for tonight (I will confirm with John later).. I haven’t been around much due to injury but hoping/planning on making a comeback in 2018, and also more than happy to contribute towards the clubs needs, so more than happy to put myself forward for a position as a moderator…. & I would also very much like to be in charge of the annual nomads xmas awards this year! (not the whole party, just the awards)

  16. Dear all,
    For me with all ups and down, the most important is that Sofia Nomads is a Club/Community since 2006 and that’s a great. Tonight I’ll try to join as will have a meeting connected to working activities and don’t know when will start/finish. As for the club and my suggestions:
    1. To be updated list with all the members which to be visible.
    2. To be provided each member with plastic card – Name, Club, Logo, Card number – in this way will be clear how many members are passing/exist and such a list can be updated once a year.
    3. To be considered appeal possibility in case someone is banned for a game due to his absence.
    4. To be voted clear rules when/how/why someone can be baned for the game.
    5. To be decided that trips abroad are in period May/June and/or September/October – so everyone can make plans.
    6. To try to organize 2-3 times in a year 6 x 6 tournaments
    7. To think about new T-shirts, sponsors etc.
    8. To be discussed about Wednesday games – how much weeks in advance to subscribe, as sometimes lists are full 3 weeks in advance…
    9. For Saturday games – I’ve heard decision is taken for 6×6, in case are for example 14 by Wednesday/Thursday if and in which conditions to be done exception.
    10. Social Corporate Responsibility – I believe will be nice once per year or more if there is willingness/time/people to get involved in any volunteer project/donate and/or particpate in a friendly tournament.
    11. Diagram – I know sounds funny, but I think will be nice to have kind of diagram explaining who is President. Coach, Moderators, Organizers of the games, Christmas party and their ” responsibilities”
    12. Full transperancy and Board of 3 people of the Club, including President, Coach, Treasure! Supervisory Board – consisting of 3 people.
    13. Overall discussion is it necessary the Club to be registerred as non govermnetal organization?
    14. Management Board to be choosen for 2 years, to have a chance to be re-ellected. As well to be kept non formal tradition President – Foreigner , Coach – Bulgarian or opposite!
    15. As for the friends which are not anymore with our Club, it’s their choice, still I believe we can talk to them and if they have suggestions Club to be improved and how to be considered, personally I felt strange seeing 4-5 of them playing at Saturday at 11.00 in the next pitch.

    BIG THANK YOU To Asen, Dani, before that to Svet for organising weekly games, to the Moderators for their work behind the stage and for all the members which makes sustainable and nice community !!! Johny for President, he speaks Bulgarian better then some Bulgarians :-)))

    Good luck to all of us!

    Due to my occupancy I can’t dedicate at this stage so much time to the Club , but for the Elections 2020 will come with Plan and Supporters :-)))

    Viva Sofia Nomads


  17. Let’s also take a vote on the need for a president. I don’t think we need one personally, not sure what exactly the role/point would be practically speaking, and have heard several others agree. But also others who think we should have one. So we can take a vote on whether to have one or not first and then deal with who it is if the majority thinks it preferable. Alternative is simply 7 active moderators – potentially with a rotating ‘chair’ EU style 🙂

  18. We need new balls, get a tazer!
    I’m pissed off with turning up and playing with shit balls.
    They’re either cheap, rock hard or deflated.
    if we have another game during the week it might also affect the Saturday game and Daniel is still chasing around to make sure Saturday happens and if someone does agree to look after it, they need to do put some effort in and not just cancel if we don’t have enough players.
    Also where are we thinking of as a venue? I don’t want the possibility of another game at 57 on a smaller pitch affecting our Wednesday game…ie us cancelling a Monday game regularly and then getting thrown off on Wednesday because of it.
    Again, I don’t think the club needs a president unless he’s going to be doing a lot of stuff like Schiatti did.
    I think the idea of charging players who haven’t paid a membership fee more to pay is a good one.
    I also think we could have some kind of membership card which we could use as a discount in restaurants etc and I don’t mind sourcing a few places for this.
    Apparently Leo is doing two new kits with Sergio, so he finally gets his logo seen, so Kevin will be luring Leo up to the top of a very tall building any time soon.
    Btw, who’s gonna be in charge of grooming the new young boys to join? ?
    I’m happy to help out still if we need players on Wednesday and also Saturday, if Daniel needs an extra player or two, but am happy for others to moderate, so don’t want to be considered for that or for being El Presidente…..we aren’t quite Barcelona yet!

  19. New members should be able to play football to a very minimal standard. Basically kick the ball in a straight line, with the laces of their boots… not toe punt ;). Otherwise the better players get frustrated and might not play. Can decide before taking membership fee whether a new member a passed the trial.

  20. Can’t attend unfortunately as I’m not in Sofia.
    Choose seven moderators, among them the treasurer and the guys taking care of the Sat / Wed games, the rest should be people playing regularly, that have been around long enough.
    Rather against introducing a 3rd week game, unless someone would be really devoted to find a venue and keep chasing players around.
    Very much liked the idea of charging people who haven’t paid membership more e.g. 12 Leva
    Danny or John for treasurer
    Be strict with the membership fees, also put the membership fee payment somewhere visible in the Club rules section, I’m sure many people are not aware of it.

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