Wednesday game (DIT 57)

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Date(s) - 01/11/2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

DIT 57



* Players 1 to 16 in the list will play (8-a-side). The other ones will be subs.
* It is also possible to play 7- or 9-a-side on this pitch if there are less/more than 16 players (the moderators will decide).
* Substitutes will be called if one player drops out.
* If you bring a ball or play goalkeeper, please write it.
* If you subscribe and then have to pull out please follow these easy steps:
a) go to Events – My Bookings and Cancel your booking;
b) inform the other players and the organiser by writing a comment here at this page;
c) if you drop out in the last minute, it is up to YOU to inform the next available substitute, and make him confirm.


Total spaces : 26 Registered : 21 Attending :
  • oliver
  • milchominev
  • Daniel Klukowski
  • Kevin
  • Yasen Tsenov
  • Artyom
  • Vitor Lopes
  • Davo Garcia
  • Andon (Andy)
  • Калоян Трайков (KINDER)
  • Georgi Iliychovski
  • Andy
  • John Adam
  • Nico
  • Michael Dellmour
  • Misha
  • Assen Milushev
  • Davie Devine
  • Daniel Ivanov
  • Sakis
  • Svetlomir

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24 thoughts on “Wednesday game (DIT 57)

  1. Chaps, having discussed it among the moderators, including a vote, we’re starting to enforce club rules on same-day withdrawals where the individual withdrawing on the same day of the game has made no effort to find a replacement or get in touch with the next in line to play. Last week we had a spate (lots of 😉 ) of withdrawals on Wednesday morning which made getting the game together a real pain. We think there were others, feel free to own up, but Borislav, Svetoslav and Daniel Ivanov definitely pulled out Wednesday last week so this week drop to the bottom of the sign-ups list, in the order they are currently signed up. This means that any other members who sign up for this week’s Wednesday game, before 19:00 this evening (48 hours) take priority for places to play this week ahead of the three mentioned.

    Georgi was also 30 mins + late, which is a regular occurrence. If this happens again Georgi you can also expect to lose sign-up priority for the next couple of matches you register for.

    If any of those concerned feel this is unfair please contact me personally and I will explain the reasoning behind the decision.



  2. Is this official decision or is Johnny’s personal opinion?
    I am not notified of the introduction of such a rule. In my opinion, the writing is unfounded and unfair. I do not agree. Last Wednesday I was injured and it was risky to play. I think I play most often from the rest of the club for the past two years and this can be checked!
    Shame on you Johnny!

  3. Although I understand the reasoning behind these measures, I find such a sanction without warning hard, especially to such a loyal player like Sveti. Anyways, I am very thankful for your organization and dedication and a situation like last week must not happen again! We all have jobs and can not spend the whole day on the phone. A big problem in my opinion is that actually every time, no matter if Wednesday or Saturday, people are showing up late. We therefore start each time with a delay and are every time disappointed when we have to stop playing. This affects the game very much! At this point, I would also like to say a big thank you to you Nick, Johnnie, Oli, Assen and so on, who make for us great games possible every week!

  4. I’m no longer one of the moderators btw.
    I’ve done it for 5 years, so time for a rest…..but will help out with micromanagement when it’s needed.
    It’ll give me more time to develop my skills on the pitch and concentrate on my immense potential.

  5. Listen you all, I’ll try to shed some light on the reasons behind certain decisions.

    First of all, the decision regarding Svetoslav and the others mentioned isn’t simply John’s or Nick’s, it has been discussed among the 10 people acting as moderators, it has been voted on and the majority decided that we should try to enforce the club rules to ensure we have a smooth game with evently matched teams, with 9 players on each side. These rules have ALWAYS been there but no one was paying attention to. Here’s to refresh your memory:

    “5- If you subscribe for a game and you can’t make it, you have to cancel your registration and contact the first reserve to take your place. In the event of any difficulties please alert other members to help you find someone to take your place.
    6- Every MISSING PLAYER (or dropping out less than 24 hours before the match without finding a substitute) will automatically be considered last on the list of those registered for a game to play. Next game you attend you will pay double the normal 10 lv. fee with the additional 10 lv. going towards after game beers.”

    Svetoslav IS NOT being singled out, it’s just that he was the one affected first.

    Using last Wed game as an example, here’s what happens if we don’t try to follow these simple rules. On Monday there were 26 players on the list, so the list was full, no one else could sign up. On Wed morning (maybe by noon) there were only 16 players, so Nick, John and others tried to find two more in order to have a 9 x 9 side games, which is what everyone playing would prefer, right? Due to the short time we only managed to get one (Julian, who paid taxi rides in order to get his gear and be on time). So we played 9 x 8, in my personal view not very enjoyble.
    We are also paying 180 Leva for the pitch, 10 Leva each. For every player missing THE CLUB is covering the 10 Leva.
    To sum it up – when we have players missing, we don’t enjoy evenly matched games and we’re losing money.

    And using today’s game as another example here’s something else to ponder on:
    Today in the course of the morning I had online discussions whether to enforce the bans or not, had the re-do the teams three times, had to message people around to remind them that they are playing, just to find out they’re sick or what not. That costs time, today alone I spent at least 2 hours, while being AT WORK. And that’s the case almost every Wednesday.

    At the end of the day it’s very simple if you try to follow few easy rules – you’re sure you can play – you sign up. But then we expect from you to take it seriously, as with any other commitment that you make, also regardless of weather. If you can’t play / it’s too cold or wet for you, cancel on time / find a substitute, cause otherwise it’s ruining the game for another 17 people.

    If it’s too much to ask, feel free to find another group with more liberal rules to play football with.

  6. I also has to help out, even though I’m no longer a part of the board of directors.
    Milcho cancelled late and I had to arrange a replacement (Svetlomir.)
    Btw, if you need to get tye tel number of the next person on the list to replace you, just click on members list and go to their profile, you’ll find their number on there.
    Once you’ve got a confirmation from them, please add it on the comments, so the organiser of the relevant game can see it.
    If you just call them and don’t mention it on here, no one will be sure if they have confirmed.
    The moderators and game organisers don’t get paid for doing this, they have simply taken the responsibility of making sure the games are well organised and the club don’t need people arriving late and also not bothering to help out by make a simple phone call to the next player on list if they can’t play themselves.
    Also, if you’re a sub, please don’t just assume you’re not playing, it’s a good idea to always check if you are in the teams due to drop outs at around 2-3pm on Wednesday and also up to 9pm on the night before the Saturday game.
    if you are a sub and are on the list, you will be expected to play if you are called, otherwise take your name off the list by going to ” manage my events” and pressing cancel……it’s not so difficult, is it children??

  7. Thanks for the explanation Asen.
    Thanks for the advice at the end of your explanation.
    I ‘ am a member of the club for three years and I do not remember anyone being punished until now. I am sure there have been many reasons for such a penalty to be imposed on other members, but it has not been done. Obviously, I am the first. As we say, “there is always the first time”. For me, this attitude is offensive because on that day I felt pain in my ankle and it was risky to play. This fact became a joke to Johnny. According to him, I simulate pain and drop out because of the weather. It’s offensive. It is not serious to be punished because I have written off my name from the list.. That’s because when I drop out in the morning there were enough people to play 9 to 9. That’s why there was no reason to call or search for other people. I am not guilty that later some people have also drop out.
    I stop commenting on this topic, but my opinion is that the moderators’ decision is unfair to me. I think I did not deserve such an attitude. I hope that in the future you will be equally consistent in your decisions against other accused.

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