Game rules

1- Be on time.
2- Wear a shirt with the color indicated for your team. Teams are chosen in advance by the matchday responsible by early afternoon on the day of the game and are up on the event page. If possible always just bring a coloured and white shirt for added flexibility.
3- Stay until the end of the match (duration : 1h 30m).
4- Play FAIR !
5- If you subscribe for a game and you can’t make it, you have to cancel your registration and contact the first reserve to take your place. In the event of any difficulties please alert other members to help you find someone to take your place.
6- Every MISSING PLAYER (or dropping out less than 24 hours before the match without finding a substitute) will automatically be considered last on the list of those registered for a game to play. Next game you attend you will pay double the normal 10 lv. fee with the additional 10 lv. going towards after game beers.
7.If you have registered as a reserve it is your responsibility to keep checking on the site to see if anyone has dropped out and you are due to play. Do not assume no-one has dropped out/will drop out and you are not playing.
8- A player that shows up without being on the list WON’T be allowed to play.
9- A member can only add HIS NAME to the list, nobody else (any other name will be erased). If you don’t have access to Internet to subscribe, please contact a moderator.
10- Week games: it is fair to subscribe as a substitute to the second week game if you have already played during the first one.
11- For every game, priority goes to regular members. Extra players (friends) can play only if we call for them due to a shortage of members registered for a game.
12- Teams are chosen by the matchday responsible.
13- Always check on the registration page under “comments” for team selection and colours – we play reds vs whites.
14 – On Monday and Wednesday the teams will be up early afternoon, and for Saturday early Friday evening.
15 – Do not assume the game may be cancelled as there are not enough registered players. We will always try to invite guests up until the mid-afternoon of the game to make up numbers.
16 – The game is open to guest players when one of the moderators makes an announcement on the game registration page. This will standardly be the day before the game but may be earlier in cases where more players are needed.
17 – Unless your team has a recognised goalkeeper, every player will take their fair share of time in goal on rotation. Most of us are not goalkeepers and prefer not to be in goal but we all take our turn. Don’t try to avoid it, refuse to take your turn or start trying to change with someone else after 5 mins, when your fair share is 15!
18 – A competitive element makes it fun and we don’t want to exclude that. At the same time, there is a balance. Being overly critical of your teammates in an unpleasant and/or aggressive manner is not part of the Nomads’ culture. Displaying physically aggressive behaviour or using abusive language/swearing towards either your teammates or those on the opposite team will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the pitch if the other players feel you have crossed the line and repeat offenses of this nature will lead to your membership being revoked.