Club & Game Rules

All players (members & guests) must read the below rules carefully & adhere to them at all times. There are fines and bans for certain offences, so make sure you read it all.

  1. Be on Time:

    This means on the pitch, ready to play at the stated kick-off time – not turning up still needing to get changed 1 minute before KO. Repeated lateness will result in a ban & fine.

  2. Team Selection & Colours:
    • Teams are chosen in advance (the day before or on the day of a game) by a ‘Match Organiser’ and posted to the match registration page under the ‘Comments’ section.
    • Wear a shirt matching the colour indicated for your team, as chosen by the ‘Match Organiser’.
    • We play BLUE vs WHITE. Please avoid shirts that contain both colours, and if possible, bring both a blue and a white shirt for added flexibility.
  3. Stay until the end of the match
  4. Play FAIR!
  5. GK Rotation:

    Unless your team has a recognised goalkeeper, every player must do their fair share of time in goal, on rotation. Don’t try to avoid it, refuse to take your turn or start trying to change with someone else after 5 mins, when your fair share is:

    • 10 mins each for a Thursday match
    • 15 mins each for a Saturday match
  6. Member Priority:

    Paid members will always receive priority over unpaid members, friends of members & guest players, up until the ‘Registration/Cancellation Deadline’. After the deadline, it will be on a ‘1st come, 1st serve’ basis and must be confirmed with, and by, one of the ‘Match Organisers’.

  7. Game/Match Registration & Cancellation:

    Deadline for Thursday games = 23:00 (11pm) on the Tuesday before.

    Deadline for Saturday games = 23:00 (11pm) on the Thursday before.

    • 7.a. Before the Deadlines:
      • membership priority always applies
      • friends and guests should NOT be invited
      • players can cancel their booking without any responsibility or consequence.
    • 7.b. After the Deadlines:
      • If there is space, friends & guests can be invited on a ‘1st come, 1st serve’ basis, but they must be confirmed with, and by, one of the ‘Match Organisers’.

      • If your name is on the squad list, you are considered to be ‘COMMITTED TO THE GAME’. This means:
        • It is your responsibility to stay tuned to the match registration page, checking comments regularly for any updates, team changes and/or messages from ‘Club Officials’ & other members.
        • If you are in the starting lineup, you are expected to show up and play.
        • If you are a substitute, you are expected to be available to play should you be called up as a replacement.
        • If you are in the starting lineup but need to cancel your booking, it is your responsibility to contact the next substitute in waiting and confirm that they will replace you:
          • If no subs are listed, it is still your responsibility to find a replacement player (‘Match Organisers’ may be able to help with this). Once a substitute/replacement has been arranged, you must confirm the change/update with the ‘Match Organiser’ and remove your name from the squad list by cancelling your booking.
          • If no replacement can be found, you are expected to show up and play.
          • If you are listed as a substitute but you are no longer available/have made other plans, you must remove your name from the squad list (by cancelling your booking) as soon as you are no longer available… If you are not available, your name should not be on the list!
      • If you fail to comply with the any of the above procedures for players that are ‘COMMITTED TO THE GAME’, you will be considered as either a ‘LATE DROP-OUT’ or a ‘NO-SHOW’ and will be issued with a ban and/or fine. See ‘BANS & FINES’ section below for full details.
  8. A player that shows up without being in the starting lineup will NOT be allowed to play.
  9. A member can only add THEIR OWN NAME to the list, nobody else’s!
  10. Players must be +18 years of age.
  11. If you have any issues/difficulties registering for a match, cancelling a booking or using this website, please contact one of the CLUB OFFICIALS.
  12. Communication & Contact:

    There are 3 main communication methods.

    • Website: The ‘COMMENTS’ section on event/match registration pages. You must be logged in to post a comment.
    • Phone/Mobile: Member’s contact numbers can be found on the website, however you must be logged in to view. When logged in, select ‘CONTACTS’ -> ‘MEMBERS’ from the main menu above -> Search for the member you wish to contact -> Click on their name -> Click on the ‘PROFILE’ tab (under profile pic) to view their contact details.
    • Facebook: As well as the obvious direct messages (to one another as well as to our Facebook page) we also have a ‘Facebook Group Chat’. Just ask one of the CLUB OFFICIALS to add you to the chat if you’d like to join.
  13. Do not assume that a game may be cancelled as there are not enough registered players. We will always try to invite guests to make up the numbers. If a game is to be cancelled, a ‘Match Organiser’ will post a comment clearly stating such to the relevant match registration page.
  14. Old members visiting Sofia on holiday will enjoy ‘Honorary Status’, entitling them to membership priority during their stay (maximum 5 games per year). It should also be noted that a round of beers on the account of the visiting ‘Legend’ is customary/tradition! 🙂
  15. ‘Club Officials’ decisions are final and must be respected!
  16. A competitive element makes it fun and we don’t want to exclude that. At the same time, there is a balance:
    • Being overly critical of your teammates in an unpleasant and/or aggressive manner is not part of the Nomads’ culture.
    • Displaying physically aggressive behaviour or using abusive language/swearing towards either your teammates or those on the opposite team will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the pitch if the other players feel you have crossed the line.
    • Offences of this nature may result in a fine and/or ban, and/or membership being revoked, without refund!
  17. Audio, Image & Video Recordings:
    • Some games/events are recorded (audio, image, video).
    • Sofia Nomads FC reserves the right to use any audio, image or video recordings taken at any match or event produced/hosted/ organised by Sofia Nomads FC, without the expressed written permission of those included within the image/recording.
    • By signing up to a Sofia Nomads FC match/event;
      • you agree to consent to photography, audio & video recording and its/their use, release, publication, exhibition or reproduction for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or any other purpose by Sofia Nomads FC.
      • you release Sofia Nomads FC and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitising, or publication of audio, image and/or video recordings.
      • you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any publication of these materials.
      • you also waive any right to inspect or approve any image, audio, or video recording taken by Sofia Nomads FC or the person or entity designated to do so by Sofia Nomads FC.
  18. BANS & FINES:
    • Repeated Lateness: If a member is late by 15 minutes or more, 3 times within a year, that member will be issued with a 5 BGN fine & lose ‘Member Priority’ for their next registered game or for 7 days, whichever is longer.
    • Late Cancellation/Drop-Out: (after game/match deadline)
      • If you are in the starting lineup and cancel without following the correct procedure FULLY (as outlined in rule “7.b.”) you will be considered a ‘Late Drop-Out’.
      • If you are listed as a substitute but turn out to be unavailable when called upon, you will be considered a ‘Late Drop-Out’.
      • ‘Late Drop-Outs’ will be issued with a 10 BGN fine and lose ‘Member Priority’ for their next registered game or for 7 days, whichever is longer.
    • No Show:

      If you are expected to play but fail to turn up to a match, you will be considered a ‘No-Show’ and will be issued with a 15 BGN fine & a full ban, for your next registered game or for 7 days (whichever is longer), which is payable in addition to the original match fee for the match missed.

    • Repeat Offenders:

      Members that repeatedly break the rules and/or receive multiple bans/fines will have their membership reviewed by the ‘Moderators’ with the possibility of membership being revoked without refund.