Membership Info

Membership Details:

  1. Membership Contribution:

    40 BGN per annum (January to December)

  2. Offers for Potential/New Members:
    • New members joining after 30th September can get a 50% (20 BGN) discount on requested membership contribution for the remainder of that year.
    • We offer new players (potential members) the chance to register and play 1 (one) match with us as a “Trial Member’ before deciding on whether to join the club as a full member and pay the membership contribution (match fee still applies). We are fairly confident in our ‘little footballing community’ that once you give us a try you’ll want to join, but this gives you a chance to be sure about us first. As a “Trial member’ you will receive full member priority benefits up until playing your first game (See ‘Club & Game Rules’ for member priority details).
    • NOTE: these offers ONLY apply to new members, NOT old members returning or renewing.

  3. Why we request membership contribution:
    • To differentiate committed and regular members from occasional/guest players, with members receiving benefits such as:
      • Priority Booking
      • Subsidised Events (social & football related)
    • To maintain club finances that are used to fund club activity.
      • Buying footballs and other equipment when needed.
      • Subsidising social events, such as our annual ‘Xmas Party’.
      • Subsidising football events, such as tournaments we host
      • Subsidising club trips, both local & abroad
    • No funds are ever taken out of the club by any individual. We operate on a non-profit basis, retaining all finances to be reinvested in club activity and used for the benefit of our members.
  4. What membership gets you:
    • Priority booking:

      Members will always receive priority over any guest players (non-members) signed up for a match, as long as the member has registered before the match’s ‘Registration/Cancellation Deadline’.

    • Subsidised events:

      We regularly organise both social and football events, some of which we subsidise (it can be anything from a drink or 2 at a bar to club contributions towards travel/accommodation on club trips).

    • Joining our footballing community:

      As well as all the official stuff we organise, we are also just a group of people with a shared common interest – football!.. and it is through this common interest that we have all gained connections & friendships for life!.. as a result, in between & around all the official stuff, there is also a welcoming community of friends that are constantly getting up to stuff, socialising and just having a laugh while living life! 🙂