Membership Info

Membership Details:

  1. Membership Contribution:40 BGN per annum (January to December)
  2. Offers for Potential/New Members:
    • New members joining after 30th September can get a 50% (20 BGN) discount on requested membership contribution for the remainder of that year.
    • We offer new players (potential members) the chance to register and play 1 (one) match with us as a “Trial Member’ before deciding on whether to join the club as a full member and pay the membership contribution (match fee still applies). We are fairly confident in our ‘little footballing community’ that once you give us a try you’ll want to join, but this gives you a chance to be sure about us first. As a “Trial member’ you will receive full member priority benefits up until playing your first game (See ‘Club & Game Rules’ for member priority details).
    • NOTE: these offers ONLY apply to new members, NOT old members returning or renewing.
    • IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the new member themselves to contact the club officials and confirm that they wish to become a member and will be present at their first game. Otherwise, the club members will have priority. The name of the new member will be ignored if they do not contact club officials at least 24 hours before kick-off.
  3. Why we request membership contribution:
    • To differentiate committed and regular members from occasional/guest players, with members receiving benefits such as:
      • Priority Booking
      • Subsidised Events (social & football related)
    • To maintain club finances that are used to fund club activity.
      • Buying footballs and other equipment when needed.
      • Subsidising social events, such as our annual ‘Xmas Party’.
      • Subsidising football events, such as tournaments we host
      • Subsidising club trips, both local & abroad
    • No funds are ever taken out of the club by any individual. We operate on a non-profit basis, retaining all finances to be reinvested in club activity and used for the benefit of our members.
  4. What membership gets you:
    • Priority booking:Members will always receive priority over any guest players (non-members) signed up for a match, as long as the member has registered before the match’s ‘Registration/Cancellation Deadline’.
    • Subsidised events:We regularly organise both social and football events, some of which we subsidise (it can be anything from a drink or 2 at a bar to club contributions towards travel/accommodation on club trips).
    • Joining our footballing community:As well as all the official stuff we organise, we are also just a group of people with a shared common interest – football!.. and it is through this common interest that we have all gained connections & friendships for life!.. as a result, in between & around all the official stuff, there is also a welcoming community of friends that are constantly getting up to stuff, socialising and just having a laugh while living life! 🙂