Thursday 6-A-Side | Borisova

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Date(s) - 09/01/2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sports Sofia 2000


Match Details:

  • Match Fee = 6 BGN
  • Kick-Off is at 19:00. Please arrive at 18:50 latest so that we can start on time.
  • Repeated Lateness = Ban & Fine.
  • Pitch Location: Sports Complex, Park “Borisova Gradina”
  • Match Duration = 1 Hour
  • We play BLUES vs WHITES. Teams will be posted in comments below.
  • Players 1-12 in below squad list will play (after applying members priority).
  • Players 13-18 are subs/back-ups that will only play IF called up to replace a cancellation.
  • GK Rotation Time = 10 mins.
  • Registration & Cancellation:
    • DEADLINE = 23:00 (11pm) on the Tuesday before the game.
    • Before The Deadline:
      1. Paid members will receive priority over unpaid members, friends of members & guest players (moving above them in the squad list).
      2. You can cancel your booking without responsibility or consequence.
    • After The Deadline:
      1. If you are in the below squad list, you are considered to be ‘committed to the game’.
      2. If there is space, friends & guests can be invited on a ‘1st come, 1st serve’ basis, but they must be confirmed with, and by, one of the MATCH ORGANISERS.
      3. If you are due to play but cancel your booking without following the proper procedure & confirming the next sub/finding a replacement, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      4. If you are listed as a sub but unavailable when called, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      5. If you are due to play but do not show up, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      6. Repeat offences may result in your membership being reviewed/revoked.
    • Cancelling Your Booking:
      1. You must remove your name from the squad list. Make sure you are logged in first.
      2. Select ‘EVENTS’ -> ‘MY BOOKINGS’ from the menu above. Alternatively, click on the ‘MANAGE MY BOOKINGS’ link below the squad list.
      3. Click on the ‘CANCEL’ link next to the booking you wish to cancel.
      4. Click ‘OK’ to confirm your cancellation – you will receive a confirmation email.
  • See our RULES PAGE for full details – EVERY PLAYER is expected to know them!
  • Last but not least, play FAIR & have FUN!

We usually hang around for POST-MATCH BEERS in the adjoining bar, so schedule that in too! 😉

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 18
  • Registered Players: 13
  • Remaining spaces: 5
  • Squad List :
    • Svetoslav Simeonov
    • Julian Paul
    • Stefan
    • Dima
    • victorlaire
    • Davie Devine
    • Milko Karamachev
    • Daniel Klukowski
    • Nicolas
    • Kiril Tomov
    • Mihai Muntean-Micu
    • John Adam
    • Dave Jones

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Bookings are closed for this event.

9 thoughts on “Thursday 6-A-Side | Borisova

  1. Hi guys,
    just getting to grips with the site. I think ive just registered to play tomorrow evening, although Im not yet a paid up member. Neither am I sure about where the match is played…….I arrived in Sofia last summer and still finding my way around.
    can somebody please shout up if i’ve made a boo boo. if not, directions to venue would be very useful (im in dragaletsvi) …….assuming indoors/ astro? also, dont expect too much, Im getting on a bit now, and havent played for a while!

  2. That’s right, Dave. If someone drops, they should let you know, but we need your number for that. If you have Facebook Messenger, it also helps to get yourself on there. My Facebook is ‘daviedevine’. I should be the first one that comes up and if you add me, I’ll add you to the chat. This page is usually a bit more active, but given the time of year…

  3. Also, the pitch is a row of three pitches (a 9-a-sider flanked on either side by two smaller ones) surrounded by a chicken-wire fence with some giant canvas adverts hanging off it. If you’re at the main entrance to CSK stadium in Borisova park, then it’s about 100 metres south of there (just follow the only tarmac road out and you’ll see it on the right. If you want to play regularly and not get shunted to the end of the queue, then I think 20 leva will cover your membership to the summer. Or you can shell out for the all-inclusive 40-leva full-year membership and get a free six months!

  4. Hi @davej,
    just to clarify couple of things:
    – there is no half year membership, only BGN 40 for the full year (unless joining for first time late in the year), so membership would be BGN 40.

    -As a potential new member, you can play 1 game (with member priority) before deciding on whether you want to join as a full member or not, so for your first game you don’t need to worry about not being a member, as long as you are between 1-12 in the squad list, you will play.

    – Unfortunately you are number 13 on the list as it stands now, so correct in your understanding that you’re sub 1 and should only come along if called up (if someone else drops out)… assuming the number you provided on your profile is correct, we have your contact details, but it is always good to stay tuned to the comments section of any game you are signed up for so as not to miss any comments, updates, team changes, etc.

    – Ref location: Davie gave a pretty perfect description but if needed, you can also click on the “pitch location” link in the above “match details” section for a map view.

    – Ref pitches: both Saturday and Thursday pitches are 6-a-side & astro turf, however, Thursday pitch is outdoors and Saturday pitch is covered by a “bubble/balloon”. astro boots for both.

    think that covers everything but if unsure about anything, just give us a shout.

    Cheers & hopefully see you soon!

  5. Teams for tomorrow:
    BLUES: Davie, Dima, Julian, Mihai, Milko, Nicolas
    WHITES: Daniel, Johnny, Kiril, Stefan, Svetoslav, Victor (GK)
    Sub: Dave Jones

    P.S. We’ve started collecting membership fees for 2020 so feel free to bring yours 😉

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