Thursday 6-A-Side | Borisova

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Date(s) - 10/09/2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sports Sofia 2000


Match Details:

  • Match Fee = 6 BGN
  • Kick-Off is at 19:00. Please arrive at 18:50 latest so that we can start on time.
  • Repeated Lateness = Ban & Fine.
  • Pitch Location: Sports Sofia 2000, “Borisova Gradina” Park
  • Match Duration = 1 Hour
  • We play BLUES vs WHITES. Teams will be posted in comments below.
  • Players 1-12 in below squad list will play (after applying members priority).
  • Players 13-18 are subs/back-ups that will only play IF called up to replace a cancellation.
  • GK Rotation Time = 10 mins.
  • Registration & Cancellation:
    • DEADLINE = 23:00 (11pm) on the Tuesday before the game.
    • Before The Deadline:
      1. Paid members will receive priority over unpaid members, friends of members & guest players (moving above them in the squad list).
      2. You can cancel your booking without responsibility or consequence.
    • After The Deadline:
      1. If you are in the below squad list, you are considered to be ‘committed to the game’.
      2. If there is space, friends & guests can be invited on a ‘1st come, 1st serve’ basis, but they must be confirmed with, and by, one of the MATCH ORGANISERS.
      3. If you are due to play but cancel your booking without following the proper procedure & confirming the next sub/finding a replacement, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      4. If you are listed as a sub but unavailable when called, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      5. If you are due to play but do not show up, you’ll be issued a ban & fine.
      6. Repeat offences may result in your membership being reviewed/revoked.
    • Cancelling Your Booking:
      1. You must remove your name from the squad list. Make sure you are logged in first.
      2. Select ‘EVENTS’ -> ‘MY BOOKINGS’ from the menu above. Alternatively, click on the ‘MANAGE MY BOOKINGS’ link below the squad list.
      3. Click on the ‘CANCEL’ link next to the booking you wish to cancel.
      4. Click ‘OK’ to confirm your cancellation – you will receive a confirmation email.
  • See our RULES PAGE for full details – EVERY PLAYER is expected to know them!
  • Last but not least, play FAIR & have FUN!

We usually hang around for POST-MATCH BEERS in the adjoining bar, so schedule that in too! 😉

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 18
  • Registered Players: 16
  • Remaining spaces: 2
  • Squad List :
    • Roscoe
    • Stefan
    • Dima
    • Davie Devine
    • Assen Milushev
    • Vitor Lopes
    • Stelo Iliev
    • Jack Smiddy
    • Sean Menzies
    • John Adam
    • Peter P
    • Joseph
    • Miguel Ortez
    • Svetlomir
    • John González
    • Carlos

Join this game :

Bookings are closed for this event.

9 thoughts on “Thursday 6-A-Side | Borisova

  1. Hey Jack & Stelo, (@jacksmiddy @stelo96)

    As newly registered members, could you please both confirm that you’ll be coming to this game. We ask this of all new registered members to double check and ensure that we get a full lineup.

    Could you both please also give some indication to your footballing/fitness level/ability so that we can try and make the teams as balanced as possible.


  2. @jacksmiddy & @stelo96,

    Could you both please confirm you’ll be coming to this game… If we don’t get confirmation by the end of the day, unfortunately we will have to assume that you’re not attending & give your places to other players – after all, we need to ensure that we have the right numbers attending for a proper game & can’t wait until the last minute (we’ve been stung before by such & so require confirmation from new user accounts).


  3. Hi Adam,
    Sorry for the slow response, I’ve only just seen this.
    Yeah I can play tomorrow if the space is still available.
    Also, I haven’t played for a couple of years and I’m a bit out of shape/lacking fitness at the minute but I would say I’m pretty average.

  4. Hello Adam,

    I also can confirm that I can attend tomorrow if its still possible and available.

    Skill level, not for me to say but maybe something like upper average but it depends on the rest of the players as well. Thank you!

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