Wednesday game (DIT 57)

Date(s) - 01/08/2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

DIT 57



* Players 1 to 18 in the list will play (9-a-side). The other ones will be subs.
* It is also possible to play 8-a-side on this pitch if there are less than 18 players (the moderators will decide).
* Substitutes will be called if one player drops out.
* If you bring a ball or play goalkeeper, please write it.
* If you subscribe and then have to pull out please follow these easy steps:
a) go to Events – My Bookings and Cancel your booking;
b) inform the other players and the organiser by writing a comment here at this page;
c) if you drop out in the last minute, it is up to YOU to inform the next available substitute, and make him confirm.

Link to updated list of members who paid their 2018 fee: Sofia Nomads – Club Membership 2018

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 26
  • Registered Players: 21
  • Remaining spaces: 5
  • Squad List :
    • Misha
    • Andon (Andy)
    • Seb K
    • niCK
    • Daniel Klukowski
    • Svetoslav Simeonov
    • Калоян Трайков (KINDER)
    • Teddy (Kinder's Mrs)
    • Andrey
    • Dima
    • victorlaire
    • oLiVeR
    • Assen Milushev
    • Andy
    • Michael Dellmour
    • Georgi Iliychovski
    • Julian Paul
    • John Adam
    • Alex
    • Milko Karamachev
    • Marto

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Bookings are closed for this event.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday game (DIT 57)

  1. Georgi can you confirm? Anyone got Georgi’s number? I’ve just let my daughter go to Pravets with her cousin, wife in UK and can’t really trust the boy on his own – unfortunately have to drop out tonight. Georgi’s next on list but no number on the site.

  2. OK, I’m game. @barry, it would be much appreciated if you could give a hint about a potential injury the night before the game as I will now have to leave work earlier, get taxis etc. Thanks and get well soon.

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