Wednesday game (DIT 57)

Date(s) - 13/11/2019
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

DIT 57


* We have the pitch from 20:00 pm to 21:30 pm; arrive latest at 19:45 pm so we can start on time.
* Players 1 to 18 in the list will play (9-a-side). The other ones will be subs.
* It is also possible to play 8-a-side on this pitch if there are less than 18 players (the moderators will decide).
* Substitutes will be called if one player drops out.
* If you bring a ball or play goalkeeper, please write it.
* If you subscribe and then have to pull out please follow these easy steps:
a) go to Events – My Bookings and Cancel your booking;
b) inform the other players and the organiser by writing a comment here at this page;
c) if you drop out in the last minute, it is up to YOU to inform the next available substitute, and make him confirm.

Paid members always have priority over people who haven’t paid membership fee. Link to updated list of members who paid their 2019 fee: Sofia Nomads – Club Membership 2019

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 26
  • Registered Players: 22
  • Remaining spaces: 4
  • Squad List :
    • Milko Karamachev
    • victorlaire
    • Andon (Andy)
    • Valentino
    • Radoslav Geshev
    • Assen Milushev
    • Dima Green
    • Pepe
    • Andy
    • oLiVeR
    • Pietro A. P.
    • Lazar
    • Roscoe
    • Lauro
    • Lachezar
    • Filip
    • Gonçalo Cochofel
    • Georgi Iliychovski
    • Nicolas
    • niCK
    • Andrey Venev
    • Калоян Трайков (KINDER)

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday game (DIT 57)

  1. Hi Pepe,
    yes we play rain or shine.
    I think we only lost one game to the weather last winter when it snowed on the day of the game, otherwise they had a machine to clean the pitch.
    Also don’t think there won’t be a game in winter when there aren’t enough registered players, because we invite guests and friends to play if so.
    Some weeks last winter when it was too cold for some guys, we always managed to get enough players. So if there’s only 8 or 9 registered on the Monday don’t think the game won’t take place, as we always make every effort to find enough by the Wednesday and the names are added on these comments.

  2. Hi Pietro, yes there are changing rooms and showers in the dressing room we use which is closest to the pitch.
    Most of the guys get ready on the pitch, which starts immediately after the juniors of the local team finish their training at 8pm.
    Please both try to arrive early, (no later than 19.45) in case you have difficulty finding the pitch….it’s just behind a Fantastico supermarket btw and there’s a map at the top of this registration page.
    Teams will be up on here in by 1pm latest.
    We may have to put you in different teams as we don’t know your levels of ability yet. Teams will be blue v white…pitch is AstroTurf.
    Enjoy the game.

  3. Blue Team
    victorlaire GK, Milko, Radoslav, Rus, Lachezar, Goncalo, Filip, Pietro, Lazar

    White Team
    Roscoe, Lauro, Dima, Oliver, Andrey, Assen, Georgi, Nicolas, Andy

    Meet 19.45 latest for prompt start at 20.00 please.

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