Nomads get all Greeced up

Date(s) - 18/05/2018 - 20/05/2018
All Day



It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally sorted out a football – beer or beer – football weekend in Thesaloniki depending on the persons priorities. Actually let’s just call it a beer – beer weekend, unless you’re teetotal like Davie Devine and Paul Wright.

Thesaloniki is obviously great for us logistically, as it’s a 3.5 hour drive + border crossing.


We have booked rooms for 16 persons at two hotels that are a 5 minute walk from each other, as this weekend is particularly busy. I’m sure we can find more rooms, but these hotels are fully booked at the moment.
Hotel Olympia
Park Hotel

We will be in a three team round Robin 11 a side tournament with our old foes from Yugo 55 from Belgrade and a local charity will join with a team of immigrants who are integrating into the local community and the fee for the pitch will include a small donation to their charity.
Rhys from Belgrade works with a similar organisation and knows the English guy who runs the charity.
We are expecting at least 18 players, so without 2 games of 1 hour there wouldn’t be enough playing time, but if you only want to play only one game (Kevin) it’s no problem and we are just in the process of trying to organise a pitch in the centre of the city if at all possible, which makes life easier for us all.

The cost of the hotels for a twin room per night are approximately €70, so cost per person for 2 nights accommodation is €70.
Sergio has arranged a minibus (9 persons) for the 3 days and I’m guessing petrol will be €100 max both ways and hire will be around €280, so it will be around €40 per person on the bus, but others will take their car.
The pitch and referees will be around €10 per person max, but each player can also make a small donation of their choosing.
So the max each person will pay for accommodation in hotel for 2 nights and travel plus pitch hire is €120.
The club normally put up around €300 for these trips, which can go towards beers and food etc.

Our beer bar for the trip maybe?

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 25
  • Registered Players: 16
  • Remaining spaces: 9
  • Squad List :
    • niCK
    • Nathan
    • Leo Bianchi
    • Kevin
    • Andon (Andy)
    • Enrique1
    • Sergio
    • Калоян Трайков (KINDER)
    • oLiVeR
    • Daniel Klukowski
    • Svetlomir
    • Mladen
    • Chema
    • David Yordanov
    • Sakis

Join this game :

Bookings are closed for this event.

13 thoughts on “Nomads get all Greeced up

  1. Comment did’t show up on booking, so I’ll repeat. I’m only playing one game, I’m bringing my witch, and dibs on a room in the Olympia – It’s only fair I drive Mr Wright this time, so a room for him in the same hotel please. Cheers for the organisation!

  2. Room allocation so far, but changes are likely.

    Hotel Olympia:
    Assen + Nora Double.
    Kev + Gallia Double
    Paul W + 1 in Twin or double, depending on if it’s Antonia or he’s sharing with a non gay Nomad.
    Nick + Andy Twin
    Sergio + Enrique Twin
    Leo and wife Family Room.

    Park Hotel:

    Nathan + Daniel Twin

    Oliver + Svet Twin

    Hotel El Greco:

    Andon + Kinder Twin.

    All there hotels are closeby and if necessary an extra bed is available in our room and Andons room.

  3. Apologies to those that wanted a bachelor’s weekend. Seems my wife has took it upon herself, and created a FB group, to arrange a bunch of cheerleaders. At least we can get the girls to play one of Nick’s additional games!

  4. We have options in the pitch and I’m looking for the best one and will know early next week.
    We can work out who will be driving and Sergio is arranging a minibus for the extra guys.
    I will probably go down on the Thursday, to make sure everything is ready to go.
    A guy is trying to organise for us to play at a brand new complex and I should know in the next few days.
    I’ll work out room allocation for everyone by late next week.
    Also need to sort things so everyone gets a full game, but we’ll deal with that when we have a final figure.
    I’ll reallocate rooms, so the guys with wives and gf’s stay in Jotel Olympia, but it might be that some will stay in Park Hotel.
    I also booked rooms at Hotel El Greco and all hotels are in close proximity of each other.

  5. Sorry boys – cartilage damage in my ankle (left this time, ligament damage in January was right!) so bit too far to travel to watch shit football and drink beers by the sea in the sunshine. I’ll stay here and drink beers in the sunshine and watch Villa instead 😉

    Have fun.

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