11-a-side mini-tournament

Date(s) - 21/07/2018
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

National Sports Academy (NSA)


We are organising a mini 11-a-side tournament with a total of 4 teams.
Round robin format with matches of 40 min. each (i.e. each team will play 3 x 40 min.)
The teams are: Nomads1 / nomads 2 / yugo (Belgrade) / Ukraine expats

We are playing at the NSA pitches (one grass, one Astro) – apparently it’s where we watched LEICESTER city ladies play Bulgaria ladies.
Price: 20 leva per player

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 30
  • Registered Players: 26
  • Remaining spaces: 4
  • Squad List :
    • Seb K
    • niCK
    • ivo’o
    • Davie Devine
    • Andy
    • Svetlomir
    • Kiril Tomov
    • Assen Milushev
    • Andon (Andy)
    • Svetoslav Simeonov
    • oLiVeR
    • Aviv Azoulay
    • Sergio
    • Калоян Трайков (KINDER)
    • Paul Wright
    • Martin Georgiev
    • Yordan Yordanov
    • Luke Cousins
    • Nicolas
    • Daniel Klukowski
    • Adam-G
    • John Adam
    • Enrique1
    • Georgi Iliychovski
    • Thor
    • Nico

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Bookings are closed for this event.

12 thoughts on “11-a-side mini-tournament

  1. From Nick:

    Rumen and Sasho are likely to play in goal, so they are 26 and 27 or next after Adam.
    Kristian will also join, he’s one of the Sunday guys, so 28.
    We need a maximum of 32 players, as some are bound to drop out and each team has 3 games of 40 minutes per game.

  2. We need around 32 players and people have had plenty of time to register.
    As I’m basically organising everything, I don’t want to be chasing around last minute to find extra players.
    If you want to mention it on the chat, please feel free to do, but people are likely to drop, so I’m making sure we have numbers.
    Tell people they have till Saturday, I’m sure they can make a decision rather than register last minute.
    We’re also gonna try and make equal teams, which will be impossible when people add or drop out late.

  3. Due to yet another injury which I picked up on Wednesday, I’m forced to miss this tournament. Sorry for the late notice.

    @oliver, I really think you should reconsider your priorities, mate. If the sole purpose of your existence is to win a Wednesday game, then I think the Sofia Nomads is not the right place for you. This is my third time at a Nomads’ game that I have to leave prematurely due to an injury and NEVER have I received such treatment from a player. You have no right to judge whether a player is fit or not and you most definitely are in no position to rush an injured player off the pitch and confront with another team mate afterwards the way you did with John. That kind of behavior is vile, cruel and borderlike retarded to say the least. Hope you never experience this yourself.

  4. Hi people.
    I’m Thor. I’m here just for the summer till the end of August. I’d like to meet some people and have some beers. I hope I can participate this weekend and have a laugh with lovely humans.
    I’m not a pro but enjoy playing. I’m generally fit and can run but I MUST play in defence as I have poor dribbling skills.
    Hope to meet you all!!

  5. Hi Thor,
    Welcome to Sofia. It should be fine for you to join on Saturday and extra players over the summer months is always more than welcome. Just need to double check with Nick who is organising things before confirming as he wanted to make sure we have enough players and was maybe inviting a couple of guests the last day or two but I am pretty sure it will be fine. Will get back to you ASAP.

  6. Hi Thor,
    So, squads are in theory full but come down and we’ll make sure you play at least one game or two halves out of the three. There’s a reasonable likelihood of withdrawals, someone getting injured or running out of steam in the sun. If not, myself and a couple of the other guys will get you on in our place for a runout.

    I’m sure it doesn’t need mentioning and you’re not the type but just to note, while there will be a little competitive edge it’s a friendly tournament and we’re a social club so not the place for any aggro or aggressive play.



  7. Georgi, Nico, Andrey are Subs 1,2 and 3.
    If someone drops out, we will get in touch with you and ask if you are still available.
    Please feel very welcome to come down to watch, but you will only play if someone pulls out.

  8. Hey guys
    You’re right!! I’ve never heard the hammer joke!! Lol
    I spoke to someone today. I forgot to get his name but I am playing tomorrow which is exciting. You can be sure that I am not a hooligan. I come from a rugby background so I show a lot of respect.
    On another note. I was told that astroturf boots are fine but if anyone has spare 9.5 UK size boots (43 Europe) I’d appreciate it if I can borrow a pair.
    Really looking forward to meeting you guys!!

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