Nomads Spring Tour to Serbia (Kragujevac) – 11-a-side game

Date(s) - 24/05/2019 - 26/05/2019
All Day

Kragujevac, Serbia


When – Weekend of 24-26th May 2019
Where – Kragujevac, Serbia –
Cost – Approximately 20 Euro per person per night (Breakfast included, for those that wake up), contribution for the pitches & local referees (say 10 Euros) plus contribution for fuel for your driver.
Stadium – Grass pitch, training ground of local Serbian Division 1 Pro Team.
Opposition – Yugo Belgrade, plus maybe one other Serb team (TBC). Either 1 * 90 minute game, or 2 * 60 minutes games.
Transport – Private Nomads cars from Sofia, about 4 hours drive – depart Friday evening, return Sunday afternoon. (people can travel on Saturday if they prefer).
Nomads Squad – 22 players max – first 15 people to sign up get priority in the first game.

Some Blah, Blah about the town:
“Also a bit of background on KG as a city for your guys – It’s most famous in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia as being the “Detroit of Yugoslavia” as it is where the Yugo/Zastava factory is – it was sold to Fiat in 2008 and now produces the Fiat 500L so it’s relatively well off. It’s a lovely small city, not as scenic as Novi Sad, but big enough at 150,000 and a cracking nightlife scene with everything within walking/crawling distance in the centre which is always nice.”

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 22
  • Registered Players: 15
  • Remaining spaces: 7
  • Squad List :
    • Paul Wright
    • John Adam
    • Nathan
    • niCK
    • Valentino
    • Kevin
    • oLiVeR
    • Mladen
    • Assen Milushev
    • Filip Woznico
    • Marcio Mansour
    • Andy
    • Vitor Lopes
    • Georgi Iliychovski
    • Nico

Join this game :

Bookings are closed for this event.

13 thoughts on “Nomads Spring Tour to Serbia (Kragujevac) – 11-a-side game

  1. Lets start organising logistics for the trip.

    Who has a car available and when do you want to leave (& return to Sofia?)

    Mine isn’t i’ll meet you there with Oli Wells, we are driving up on Friday from Belgrade.

  2. Guys,

    Nomads lose exclusivity end of March 2019, then the game will be opened up to non-members to fill the spaces and ensure the game go ahead.

    As a reminder – first 15 people to sign up get priority in the first game.


  3. currently we have reserved 8 double rooms at hotel Zelengora, 2 of those rooms are reserved for one night only for the ones arriving on saturday.
    Cost per night will be approximately 2.490,00 RSD per person or 21 EUR, depending on the exchange rate. Price includes breakfast, residency tax and insurance. Single room would be about . €31.
    I’d like to confirm/adjust the reservation until 25th of April.
    Could the people who do not want to stay in the hotel please send me a message or comment here?
    Please let me know as well in case you plan to arrive on saturday.

  4. 14 confirmed for trip so far are:

    1. Paul Wright
    2. John Adam
    3.Oliver Wells
    4. Michael GK
    5. Nathan
    6. Nick
    7. Valentino
    8. Mladen
    9. Assen Milushev
    10. Filip Woznico
    11. Marcio Mansour
    13. Vitor Lopes
    14. Evgeny

  5. Again – can the people who are registered but not know playing cancel their booking.

    Not complicated – just click on ‘My Booking’ in the events tab and then press ‘Cancel’ – Simples.


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