Saturday game (Mladost)

Date(s) - 02/03/2019
11:00 am - 12:30 pm



* Players 1 to 12 in the list will play. The other ones will be subs.
* Substitutes will be called if one player drops out.
* If you bring a ball or play goalkeeper, please write it.
* If you subscribe and then have to pull out is is up to YOU to inform the next available substitute, and make him confirm.

Paid members always have priority over people who haven’t paid membership fee. Link to updated list of members who paid their 2018 fee: Sofia Nomads – Club Membership 2018

Game/Match Registration:

  • Total spaces : 18
  • Registered Players: 13
  • Remaining spaces: 5
  • Squad List :
    • Grigor
    • victorlaire
    • Svetoslav Simeonov
    • Vitor Lopes
    • Michael Dellmour
    • Assen Milushev
    • Adam Gee
    • Svetlomir
    • oLiVeR
    • Svetoslav
    • Lazar
    • Paul Wright
    • John González

Join this game :

Bookings are closed for this event.

4 thoughts on “Saturday game (Mladost)

  1. Lazar has been a recent guest from the Wednesday game.
    I told him about membership and he’s happy to join and pay the fee.
    He confirms he’ll be there, but I’m sending Adam his fb details.

  2. Hi folks, I just had a chat with John Gonzalez, he’ll be in Sofia for a while and would like to give it a try. John told me he has played some amateur football but it’s been a while.
    He’s number 14 after Lazar.
    @Nickster please ask Lazar to create an account to avoid confusion.

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